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Oriental Market with great promotions and discounts in the month of love and friendship

A few days before celebrating February 14, the merchants of the Oriental Market, the largest shopping center in Central America, are preparing to receive this special date with great enthusiasm and announced good prices on all their products.

These promotions and discounts will be offered in the 8 markets of Managua, where families can purchase all items for the day of love and friendship at affordable prices, as reported on the morning of this Friday, February 4, by the Mayor of Power Citizen of Managua, companion Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who toured the different businesses in this shopping center.

During the visit, the official from the capital noted a greater influx of buyers, "sales are going at a good pace, and in the coming days sales of seasonal products will increase with prices and promotions within reach of Nicaraguan families' pockets, we are very happy to serve you, so we are waiting for you, ”he stressed.

Likewise, Rueda stated that in this capital market they are working on drainage and sanitation projects, as well as road improvement projects with an investment of more than 33 million cordobas.

The merchant Iris Pérez from Tienda Variedades Alba, affirmed that there are promotions and discounts on perfumes for men and women, hair treatments and makeup, "we have excellent prices, so that they can give them to their partners, friends or friends, this 14th of February, we are waiting for you in the Oriental market”.

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