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Inhabitants of the San Isidro de la Cruz Verde region inaugurate 17 new blocks built by Calles para el Pueblo

This Thursday, February 3, the 1,245 families that live in the San Isidro de la Cruz Verde region in District I, inaugurated 17 new blocks of road network built by the Calles para el Pueblo Program.

When handing over the project to the community, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, stressed that from now on, in times of rain, the residents will continue to move easily without pegs or puddles of water.

“These 17 blocks were for more than 40 years in their natural state, many governments passed without doing anything for these region, the population waited for this work of progress that was only a reality with the Sandinista Government, led by President Daniel and our Vice President Rosario Murillo, we as municipal government We have been working in this region since 2016 and we have executed road improvement and storm drainage projects for an amount of 33.5 million córdobas,” said the official from the capital.

Rueda also announced that last year the Municipality built 61 blocks in District I, through the Calles para el Pueblo Program and this year In the first quarter, 16 million córdobas will be invested in the construction of a little more than 26 blocks, in the neighborhoods: René Cisneros, Memorial Sandino and the Districts of Gracias a Dios and Félix Pedro Chavarría.

Don Eliseo Martínez González, is 60 years old, was born and raised in this region and together with the community he celebrated the construction of the streets.

“We are happy, because these streets were a dream for more than 60 years, now going to work at night or at dawn is not something impossible, because the road will be good all the time, now the taxis will enter to drop off passengers and the service of caponeras as it has improved now they enter streets that were never there”.

17 new blocks of road network were covered with asphalt, the work has an investment of 15.4 million córdobas and benefits 6 thousand 225 protagonists.

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