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Good Government guarantees materials for the construction of Solidarity Housing

In response to families in conditions of critical social emergency, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua delivered this Wednesday, February 2, materials for the construction of 2 solidarity homes in the Santa Rosa and Memorial Sandino neighborhoods.

Comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua, made the delivery and stated that this social program was born in 2009 as an initiative of Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario Murillo, to provide immediate care to Nicaraguan families living in precarious conditions and vulnerable to natural disasters.

He also announced that the Sandinista Government has delivered 13,000 solidarity homes, which have a construction area of 48 square meters and are built in a period of 5 to 7 days, for this year 2022 it is planned to build 200 homes throughout the town.

For their part, the leading families were happy with this program promoted by the Good Government, as Mrs. Leticia Flores from the Memorial Sandino neighborhood expressed it, “for 20 years we have been getting wet, it was a surprise, I felt happy, I think that This year I couldn't take it anymore."

Also, Mrs. Rafaela Delgado Ruiz from the Santa Rosa neighborhood said she felt grateful to the Good Government that benefits the poorest.

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  1. Good morning to all and @. My name is Nelson Enrique, I am a resident of the Yuri Ordoñez neighborhood in the northern municipality of Tipitapa, I am one of the 4 members with disabilities and I need the solidarity support of our national government for a solidarity house. Is it possible that you can support me? Please, I will be very grateful.


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