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Municipality delivers the first 100 new homes in 2022

Joy and prosperity came this Sunday, January 30, to the new protagonist families of the Bismarck Martínez Program, to whom the Sandinista Government, through the capital's commune, delivered the first 100 homes this year, built in the Villa Flor de Pino, located in District IV of Managua.

With this delivery, a total of 2,500 homes is reached, benefiting the same number of families who fulfill the dream of having their own home.

The official act was presided over by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who expressed that this program is a reality, thanks to the efforts made by the Good Government to guarantee better living conditions.

 “Today the government of Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario is cleaning 100 new homes, which already have drinking water, electricity, their toilets, sinks, showers, which also have land in the front, back and sides so that the brothers can its annexes,” said Armas.

For their part, the protagonist families happily received the keys to their new homes, as stated by the young married couple David Gauna and Hazel Reyes, “first of all thanks to God and our Good Government, very happy, very happy after spending several years renting , filming and today we already have our own house”, expressed Reyes.

Likewise, the protagonist Carolina Soza very excited said that her dream came true and that now she will have her own home where she will live with her daughter and husband.  

Armas also shared that the Bismarck Martínez Program for this year plans to build 3,629 additional homes, to those already delivered last year, for which a total of 6,029 homes will be built in the Villa Flor de Pino, Villa Jerusalem and Camino del Río.   

Similarly, he announced that as of March, the delivery of 2,400 urbanized lots in Villa Esperanza is expected to begin, through 4 deliveries of 600 lots each, to benefit the same number of families who are protagonists of law.

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