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Municipality executes Drainage and Street Works for the People in the Oriental Market

The Secretary General of the capital commune, Compañero Fidel Moreno Briones, inaugurated two of the most important programs of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, drainage, water and sanitation works and the emblematic Streets for the People Program in the Eastern market, District I of the Capital.


“Both projects are concluding their start-up in the Eastern market of Managua, in this case we are already working on a sanitation work, a little more than 500 meters of pipes that are being installed new, because the existing one was totally obsolete and this entire area of the market had no sanitation service, we had sewage running on the street and in a shopping center, which represents general effects, this work has an advance of 50%, we hope in the next 20 days to be able to complete the work and this would be our first sanitary sewer program,” said Moreno.


These drainage, water and sanitation works, at this point in the Capital, also include the installation of 6 manholes, the household connection of 90 registration boxes and restoration of bases. This project has an investment of 3 million 744 thousand 489.13 córdobas.


The sanitary drainage works in the Capital contemplate the execution of 142 projects divided into 122 storm drainage works and 20 sanitary sewage works, with an investment of 250 million córdobas.


He also announced that today the construction of 22 new blocks of asphalt begins in the Eastern market with an investment that exceeds 30 million córdobas, "we are starting with everything that has to do with base preparation, sub base, these streets have given their useful life, so very good news for the Oriental market, for its merchants, but also for all of us who visit the market for different reasons, here is the main supply center of the city of Managua, the works of Calles para el Pueblo are going to take about three months more or less, we hope before the start of winter to be inaugurating the 22 new blocks in the Oriental market”.


Moreno, announced a program of attention to all the main streets of the Managua markets. The first stage of the Calles para el Pueblo Program will contemplate 850 new blocks and it is expected to exceed a thousand total blocks in 2022 with an investment of more than 400 million córdobas.

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