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Older Adult and her family come out of vulnerability thanks to the Decent Housing Program

The Decent Housing Program promoted by the Good Government through the Municipality, benefited the protagonist Esperanza del Socorro Bonilla Sánchez in the Ciudadela Nicaragua neighborhood of District VII, she has been a widow for 10 years and despite being elderly at supported his family, he has two children, one who is in high school and the oldest is studying at the university, the three of them lived in precarious conditions for years, but faith and hope sustained them until the end.

Bonilla and her family have lived in Ciudadela Nicaragua for 27 years and with the arrival of winter the concerns and sleeplessness began, but as of this week her life and that of her children changed forever, thanks to the restitution of rights that she promotes. the government of Comandante Daniel with the Decent Housing Program.

“I am happy and grateful to our Good Government and our President, today I am happy with my family, this house came to change my living conditions, every time it rained the water ran through the whole house and year after year I I asked God to give me a little house, this still seems like a dream, thanks to the President now we are going to live and sleep in peace”, said the beneficiary.

Bonilla Sánchez, is part of the 1,971 inhabitants of the neighborhood, located in the extreme southeast of the capital in District VII.

Jennifer Porras, Secretary of the The Managua Council thanked the protagonist for the confidence in the government programs carried out by the Sandinista Front in coordination with the Municipality.

“The protagonist never lost hope and now we are also very happy to give her her home, thanks to these projects that are aimed at ending extreme poverty, work that is also supported by community leaders in all neighborhoods, this is the home number 6 that we delivered in this neighborhood”, reported Porras.

During the inauguration ceremony of the house, the municipal official shared with the inhabitants of the neighborhood, that this year the 2022 Annual Investment Plan of the Commune plans to carry out in District VII, 18 projects with an investment of 30 million 800 thousand córdobas, among them: 10 environmental projects, 25 infrastructure projects, 5 human development projects, 20 projects for the recovery of public spaces in parks and courts, 23 social program projects, plus the special attention of the streets for the people program.

The neighborhoods that will benefit from the aforementioned projects are: Annex Villa Libertad, Lomas de Guadalupe, Pedro Arauz Palacios, Villa Austria, Views of Xolotlán, Manuel Fernández, Los López, Américas I, Villa Revolución, Israel Galeano, Laureles Sur, Pedro Betancourt and Georgino Andrade.

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