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Single mother and her son happily receive the keys to their decent home

A new mission of love and solidarity was fulfilled, the Mayoress of Mangua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado delivered on the afternoon of January 25, a decent home to Judith Raquel Otero Zamora, 37 years old, single mother of little Samuel Elías Álvarez Otero, both happy protagonists of this new home where they will live safely and comfortably.
“I feel very excited to live in this new house thanks to God and the Good Government. I live with my son and he is happy, happy to live here, he feels safe, satisfied and proud,” said the protagonist upon receiving the keys to her new home, which is located in the 31 de Diciembre neighborhood of District VI.
Judith recounted that for more than 20 years she lived in a house built of cans and zinc sheets, due to the passage of time it was deteriorated and had many holes through which water got into it in the winter season.
In the official opening ceremony, Mayor Reyna Rueda stated that with this delivery the model of Citizen Power is fulfilled, of providing accompaniment and quality of life to families in the capital.
“Dignifying the lives of families, which is the main purpose of all these decent housing programs, safe housing, as the child said, they are no longer going to get wet, there are no longer going to be leaks,” stressed the mayor of the capital, who He also added that this is the sixth house that is delivered to the same number of families in this sector.
Likewise, the municipal authority announced that in this year 2022, the Sandinista Government will continue to carry out works of progress to transform the lives of families in each of the neighborhoods.
“We are in District VI, where we will be carrying out 27 projects, including storm drainage, road improvement, here all the communities in this district have changed, but above all by providing a home, dignifying life, transforming life, in this case of Judith and her son, who for our Government, Comandante Daniel and our Vice President Compañera Rosario, the main purpose is to bring physical and emotional security to families, they are no longer restless, they are no longer insecure, they already feel protected and taken care of Keep in mind, that it is the main thing for us and we will continue with the privilege of continuing to serve you better every day”, said Rueda.

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