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Asphalt coating of 13 blocks in the Pedro Betancourt neighborhood of District VII

Giving continuity this 2022 to the restitution of the rights of the people of the capital, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua executed the construction of 13 new blocks that were asphalted thanks to the "Streets for the People" Program last year and that today directly benefits 145 families from the Pedro Betancourt neighborhood, the new road work had an investment of more than 8 million córdobas.

The street lining was inaugurated by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who reiterated the commitment of the Sandinista Government to bring development and well-being to the Nicaraguan people, “in the Pedro Betancourt neighborhood we are delivering 13 new paved blocks, With this Streets for the People Program, we have achieved overachievement, this is part of the continuity of last year and that work was done during vacation time to be able to comply with the families with 1,317 blocks completed and that with great humility we are committed to continue working for families."

With these new streets, the leading families affirmed that they will no longer suffer from summer dust storms or winter mudflats, "it is more comfortable and more practical, because before we constantly swept and had to level the land, because in times of The rain was undermining and now it is a benefit for us, every time the kids played, they all arrived wallowed, dusty, and when one came by taxi, they left us at the entrance, now very calm, satisfied,” said resident Everth Duarte.

Doña Anielka Ramírez also said that now she will be able to travel through the area and thanked the Good Government for its support, “very nice, thanks to the government, to our Daniel, there is less dust, and the taxis can enter, they no longer leave us out here , I can now go out with my daughter, calmer now, now we are very happy, further inside with the paved platforms”.

The Municipality's objective is to continue advancing in projects that improve the quality of life of families, in this neighborhood from 2009 to 2021, 9.4 million córdobas have been invested in pluvial drainage, sanitary drainage and road improvement works, as well as the construction of 6 Solidarity Homes.

For this 2022, the capital official shared that the Annual Investment Plan plans to carry out in District VII, 18 district projects with an investment of 30 million 800 thousand córdobas, 10 environmental projects, 25 infrastructure projects, 5 human development projects, 20 projects for the recovery of public spaces in parks and courts, 23 social program projects, plus the special attention of the Streets for the People Program, which will benefit more than 9 neighborhoods in the Capital.

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