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Managua authorities and Literary Circle pay tribute to Rubén Darío on the 155th anniversary of his birth

To pay tribute to the Prince of Castilian Letters, on the 155th anniversary of his birth this January 18, the municipal authorities together with poets from the literary circle of Managua placed a floral offering and held a poetry recital for older adults, at the Monument built in honor of Rubén Darío, located in the Historic Center of Managua.

This year's Day of Dariana to honor and celebrate the birth of the Poet began in the morning with the children's declamation contest "Mano a Mano de Rubén a Lolita". Then, in the afternoon, the recital was held with members of the Literary Circle for the Elderly (CLAM) of Managua.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, stated that this homage is a tribute to the famous universal poet.

 “This is a joint activity directed by President Daniel and Compañera Rosario, the Mayor of Managua and its workers with the brothers and sisters of the Elderly Adult Literary Circle, fellow poets, fellow writers who remain very active in the ranks, in the letters, in our capital city and throughout the country,” said Armas.

 The poet Sandra Alfaro, one of those in charge of honoring the illustrious son of Nicaragua, expressed that with great pride and joy they celebrate another anniversary of the birth of the illustrious poet.

 “We come to honor him with our presence and our poems, every poet we walk today is going to read works of our inspiration; Rubén is the universal poet who represented Nicaragua with dignity in all aspects, because remember that he was also a diplomat,” Alfaro affirmed.

Next to the Rubén Darío monument inaugurated in 1933 and located in the central park of the historic site of old Managua, the poets recited verses from their literary works.

 For his part, the poet Julio César Martínez stated that Darío is the main guide of CLAM, which for 11 years has been dedicated to the task of teaching the way to young people who are dedicated to writing, reading and researching poetry. of the Universal Poet.

 "155 years after his birth, we have to get to know Darío more, we have to get more involved in history, we have to divulge more and help students and institutions that watch over the development of Nicaraguan culture," Martínez said.

 Among the CLAM member poets who participated in this tribute are: Julio César Martínez Aguirre, Sandra Alfaro, Heidi Ruth Granda, Rosa Frank Moncada, Roberto Cueto and Edwin Duarte Sandino.

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