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Municipality delivers auxiliary means to older adults and people with some ailment

Elderly people or people with disabilities, received the afternoon of January 17, auxiliary means that will allow them to move more easily.

The Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López, handed over these auxiliary means house to house and affirmed that thanks to the policies of Good Government, the Municipality has been developing this support for families for 12 years, with comprehensive attention to older adults or people with a medical condition.

“We from Social Programs, in this area of care for the elderly and all people with disabilities, have different types of instruments necessary to be part of that accompaniment in their difficulties, with means of mobilization such as wheelchairs, canes, lifts, orthopedic beds in many cases, when they are a necessary and medically prescribed requirement,” said compañera Porras.

Likewise, the Secretary of the Capital Council reported that prior to the delivery of the auxiliary means, the beneficiaries are visited by Social Programs, who provide them with medical attention and follow-up.

Mrs. Blanca Emilia Larios Torres was very happy with the quick response to her request for a lift, "at this moment I feel so satisfied, I thank God, our Good Government, Commander Daniel, companera Rosario, everyone of you who have come today to make this delivery to me, which in reality was of great need, the Government that we have has always been concerned about us, the poorest, weakest, about all Nicaraguans who so much need a Good Government like the one we have. I feel very grateful”.

Also the protagonist Petrona Jirón Orozco, 67, with tears in her eyes, said she felt very happy to receive her wheelchair, in which she will be able to move without problems in her room and attend her medical consultations, "I thank you very much to you and to the President that you have given me that little chair because I didn't have it”.

Likewise, Mr. Bismarck González, who cannot walk due to a bus accident, stated that he felt very happy and grateful for the wheelchair that was given to him.

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