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Works for the expansion and modernization of Section I of 25 Calle are ready

As part of the complementary works of the San Juan Pablo II track, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, concluded section I of 25 Street, a segment of the track expansion to 4 asphalt lanes of 8,573.20 square meters, which joins a road corridor that extends from the traffic lights of the Old Nunciature to the Benjamín Zeledón school.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, together with hundreds of residents, inaugurated this important Track, which had a significant investment cost amounting to 52 million córdobas and directly benefits the inhabitants of the Altagracia, Andrés Castro, Bertha Calderón, El Recreo, among others.

“We are inaugurating this year celebrating this restitution of rights with the families, with the inauguration of this section of 25th Street, an effort made by our Good Government to expand and modernize our tracks and even more so when we begin the intervention of the Pista San Juan Pablo II, this already becomes part of the road corridor that will be practically the diversion of the entire vehicular flow, when the modernization and expansion of this track begins”, informed the mayor of the capital.

Rueda announced that, in addition to these road works, the Municipality also carried out important storm drainage works, such as the installation of 457 linear meters of 18, 24, 30 and 36-inch pipes and the modification of the existing sanitary system, as well as as well as drinking water in the area.

Likewise, the Mayor shared that this modernization project in Section I, joins important access roads, which start from the Batahola radio, passes through the Altagracia neighborhoods in front of the Divino Pastor school, continues to the traffic lights of the Old Nunciature to the traffic lights from the intersection of Benjamín Zeledón School, until you reach the United Nations Track.

In addition, this track incorporates a total of three vehicular bridges over the riverbeds throughout the route: Cuajachillo, Pochocuape and El Arroyo, plus five traffic light intersections, the first traffic light is on the new Pista Radial Batahola, the second on the Old Nunciature, the third by the Benjamín Zeledón school, the fourth at the intersection of the René Cisneros neighborhood at the top of the IND and the fifth at the United Nations Track.

“This afternoon we are proud of this great track that is being inaugurated now, thanks to the Government and the Mayor, this had not been seen here in this neighborhood, there were some little streets, but not like this track, we hope that better works continue to take place” said resident José Gregorio Chévez.

Similarly, Mrs. Melba Sánchez Suárez expressed her enthusiasm at seeing this 4-lane track that, in addition to making the inhabitants of the area protagonists, benefits thousands of drivers of caponeras, taxis and individuals who travel through this place, "indeed this it is progress, the restitution of permanent rights that Commander Daniel, President of Nicaragua and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario, have, which was ratified yesterday, the President People, celebrating, ratifying that from here we are really committed to serving you to God and to the Nicaraguan families”, said Melba Sánchez Suárez, protagonist of this work.

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