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The joy of Christmas reaches the families of the Jonathan González neighborhood with new streets

As a Christmas gift, this is how the inhabitants of the Jonathan González neighborhood in District I received the construction of 10.5 new blocks, which were paved thanks to the 2021 Streets for the People Program.

This project, which directly benefits 9 thousand 575 protagonists (2 thousand 394 families), had an investment of 5.17 million córdobas and with this an advance of 1,299 completed blocks is achieved in the week and before Christmas it is expected to reach the goal of 1,315 blocks with the different projects that are being executed simultaneously.

The work was delivered by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who shared that the Municipality has been carrying out development works in this neighborhood since 2010 and to date 43.28 million córdobas have been invested in storm drainage, sanitary drainage , road improvements and the construction of 53 homes, through the Decent Housing Program.

“We are celebrating Christmas with the families who are going to travel through decent streets in the new year, which is the purpose of our Good Government led by Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Comrade Rosario. In practically all the districts, we have already complied with the 2021 Annual Investment Plan, here in the Jonathan González neighborhood, which is the largest neighborhood we have in District I, we only need 5 blocks to complete the 100% of its paved streets,” added Rueda.

Celebrating the joy of their new streets, the protagonist families stated that with their joint work they managed to fulfill their dreams, “thanks to our Good Government and to God we have had the support, because we have worked hand in hand, we have been able to move forward, despite adversities, we have not been alone and we gave him the victory on November 7 to continue managing government programs, which is what we need in our country”, said Mrs. Isabel Obando Flores.

For his part, the protagonist José Gregorio López, said excitedly that it is an immense joy to receive his new streets, because the floods are in the past, "the neighborhood has turned to the inauguration, it is for us a pride, before for this neighborhood nobody gave anything, but today it is a point of reference, many thanks to the government of Mr. Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario, for remembering the poor”.

In this District I, through the emblematic Streets Program in the first phase, 5 projects were carried out, with an estimated investment of 15 million 238 thousand córdobas. But, with the expansion of the program in its second stage, 61.6 more blocks were built, investing an additional 36 million córdobas, benefiting 9 more neighborhoods including: 19 de Julio, Jorge Dimitrov, Santos López, El Riguero, Jonathan González, Casimiro Sotelo, Hialeah I and II stage, Colinas del Memorial and the San Isidro de la Cruz Verde region.

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