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Municipality certifies 301 protagonists in the second promotion of entrepreneurship courses

With the aim of promoting learning, entrepreneurship and economic prosperity, the Mayor's Office of Managua, in coordination with the Inter-institutional Program for the Care and Comprehensive Development of Adolescents and Youth for the Promotion of a Culture of Peace, which promotes Good Governance, trained and comprehensively prepared 301 adolescents and young people from all districts of the capital, in entrepreneurship courses.

The new graduates were trained in crafts of foamy, making piñatas and decorating events, with the aim of being able to undertake their own initiatives, which guarantee them an economic income and financial self-sustainability, while at the same time fostering a culture of peace within the family.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, highlighted that the knowledge acquired by the protagonists allows them to have a new work tool to undertake and prosper.

“Today we give recognition to their effort and above all to the union of efforts between the different institutions involved in the comprehensive development of these young people. For three months, they learned different trades that will allow them to improve the economy of their homes and be self-sustaining,” said Rueda.

The classes were taught in three-month courses in each of the modalities, meeting once a week, from 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. Of the 301 protagonists, 291 are women, 10 are men and more than 55 percent of the graduates have already started their own family business.

“The courses were a great opportunity for me, I learned things that I did not imagine, I learned to make piñatas, decorations, crafts and that has allowed me to be one more entrepreneur for society and my family, because when I sell my services, the profits are transformed in food for my family”, said Luis Trujillo, one of the newly trained entrepreneurs.

For her part, Fátima Olivares, who belongs to a group of 8 entrepreneurs from the Germán Pomares neighborhood of District V, expressed that the completion of the courses has been an achievement, "our plans for the future are to continue working in this area, undertake and achieve economic independence, we continue to work as a group in search of new markets and thus achieve more profits to establish ourselves as a service provider company”.

This is the second gradation and is the result of an inter-institutional effort between the Mayor's Office of Managua through the General Directorate for Human Development and the Directorate for Women, the National Police, MINSA, MIFAN, MINIM, MINED, INATEC, MINJUVE, MEFCCA, IND, Sandinista Youth and district and territorial political structures, as well as religious organizations and community leaders.

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