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Comarca Sabana Grande inaugurates construction of 8 new blocks

Residents of the Sabana Grande region will spend the Christmas festivities with 8 new blocks, located on the main road of this community, thanks to the Calles para el Pueblo Program.

The paved streets have an investment of a little more than 5 million córdobas and benefited more than 12 thousand protagonists.

When inaugurating these streets, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, shared with the attendees the impact and economic benefit that Calles para el Pueblo brought to the region, because the new road work facilitates the entry of public and private transport, being a connection with other alternate routes to the center of Managua, given that routes 120, 110 and 169 have been running along this street for approximately a month.

"Comandante Daniel's government is inaugurating 8 new streets, in more than 10 years the government has made an investment of 133 million córdobas in streets, drainage, housing, sewage, works that have improved the quality of life of the families of the area and now with these streets, traveling from Sabana Grande to the center of Managua will be much easier, with the new urban transport routes that pass through here and reach Villa Jerusalem, this years ago was something impossible, "said Armas.

Among the beneficiaries of the work are the members of a cooperative of caponeros, who will better carry out their work through the new asphalt-based streets.

“Before it was not possible to work in peace, there were many holes, mud, our motorcycles were damaged and sometimes we had to raise the cost of the race to be able to subsidize the damage to the vehicle. Now we are all happy to be able to circulate safely thanks to the government”, said Carlos Membreño, who works as a caponera driver.

Another of the great benefits of the new streets is that they eliminate puddles and dust deposits forever.

"In winter these streets were a complete disaster, it was almost impossible to walk through the mud, however, now our government has given us an answer and we have a street in excellent condition, a dream we have waited for all our lives", stressed Tatiana Rocha .

Starting this week with this project delivered to the community, the Streets for the People Program reaches a progress of 1,299 blocks, exceeding the proposed goal.

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