Streets for the People bring safety and comfort to the inhabitants of the Laureles Sur neighborhood of District VII

Families from the Laureles Sur neighborhood celebrated with great joy the construction of 5 new paved blocks, thanks to the expansion of the Calles para el Pueblo 2021 Program.

With this project, 2,700 families (6,840 inhabitants) were benefited, the work had an investment of 3 million córdobas and with this delivery the program achieves an advance of 1,299 completed blocks.

This work was inaugurated by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who announced that the Municipality during the period 2009-2021 has invested a little more than 66 million córdobas in 10 common welfare projects for the families of Laureles Sur.

"Families have been assisted in their different community needs, we really feel happy, we are inaugurating this Saturday morning, 5 new blocks, so that families can travel safely, we have sisters and brothers who use auxiliary means, like wheelchairs and canes, so this is coming to change their lives.”

The Mayor of the capital added that with the 2021 Streets for the People Program in District VII, 110 blocks have been served with an investment of more than 70 million córdobas and more projects will continue next year.

Very happy, the families affirmed that they waited more than 20 years for their new streets and today, thanks to the Sandinista Government, they will no longer suffer from dust or mud during the rainy season, "of course I feel happy, because when I came it was a tremendous dust , that we swallowed dust to the unsewn, now with the improvement of the streets it is an enhancement for the houses, grateful to the government”, said Doña JuanRa Martínez.

Also, the protagonist Zeneyda Díaz Mendoza, stated that with their new streets they will have easier access for vehicles "I feel calm, happy, before the streets were pure dust, now I have the new street in front of me, I feel good and grateful with God first and with the people who work for it, and the motorcycle taxis will leave us here”.

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