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Roberto Huembes Market with excellent offers for the Christmas holidays

Christmas and year-end purchases for Managuans would be cheaper if they take advantage of the discounts that the eight capital markets are offering this season.

The Secretary of the Council, Jennifer Porras López, visited the Carlos Roberto Huembes market this Friday, December 10, and was able to confirm that the more than three thousand merchants that make up this shopping center are prepared to receive Nicaraguan families who wish to purchase their products alluding to the holiday celebrations, at a fair price.

The merchant Kathya Vicente, said she had very good expectations in sales, announced that there will be discounts throughout the weekend and urged families to buy at solidarity prices in Huembes, where there is new and varied merchandise for women, men and children, He explained that the prices of the shirts range from 390 to 490 cordobas depending on the style, "they are super good fabrics, that will last, the colors do not fade and there is a variety for all occasions, both for evening events and for events. casual".

Similarly, the merchant Lesther Miranda of Chago Watches and Varieties specified that men's pants can be found from 550 córdobas with the option to lower the price for the customer, dresses cost 680 córdobas depending on the style and size, this business also offers school uniforms for this season of promotions, skirts and long-sleeved school shirts, at 250 and 220 cordobas respectively.

During the journey through this market, the municipal official stressed that in this month of great family festivity, COMMEMA, together with the Merchants' Association and other State institutions, carry out constant coordination to guarantee the cleanliness of this shopping center with permanent workers from the Commune, the National Police provides security and as part of the excellent service offered by merchants, the biosecurity measures recommended by the authorities of the Ministry of Health (MINSA) are taken into account, such as hand washing and the application of the alcohol to your visitors.

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