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More dignified streets beautify the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood

In greeting to the Marian festivities and in compliance with the demands of the families of the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood, in District VII, the Municipality inaugurated on the afternoon of December 06 a road improvement project, through asphalt coating of 6 blocks, which before they were on land.

The public work that now guarantees smooth vehicular traffic and pedestrian access in the area is part of the Calles para el Pueblo 2021 Program and directly benefits 9,820 protagonists, corresponding to 1,550 families.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, handed over this new road network that had an investment cost of 5,400,000 córdobas, "already with these streets that we hand over today, we have reached 1,288 streets built this year in the capital city, we have an overcompliance and that is very important, we are already in the 103.7% and what was programmed was 1 thousand 242 blocks”.

Armas also reported that a series of very important works have been carried out in this neighborhood, thanks to an investment amounting to 38 million córdobas, and 19 decent homes have been delivered to the same number of families.

Mrs. Emma Álvarez, a resident of this neighborhood, recalled that the streets of Lomas de Guadalupe were parched, with scree and also did not have electricity or drinking water, "today, thanks to God and our Good Government, that is past, today we are enjoying that dream, that hope that we had back then, it became a reality for us, today we enjoy these beautiful, paved streets, streets that are very important arteries of this neighborhood already built, we thank God and may he long life to Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario so that they continue to bring more projects and development to the country and to this community”.

Doña Mirtila Padilla has lived in this neighborhood for 30 years and stated that Lomas de Guadalupe was a neighborhood abandoned by previous governments, "now we have this joy and this blessing of having these beautiful streets, we are very grateful to our Government and to the Mayor's Office, because they are the ones who execute ".

In this inaugural act, the boys and girls of the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood enjoyed an afternoon of great fun, with piñatas and face-painting clowns from the Municipality's Circus Art and the attention to families with medical consultations and free treatment, by of the health brigades of Barrio Limpio, Barrio Saludable.

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