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Municipality holds the first Training Workshop in Sports Psychology

With the aim of promoting and developing a more comprehensive basketball, the Sports Directorate of the Mayor's Office of Managua, together with the organizing committee of the Carlos Ulloa and Luisa Amanda tournaments, held the first Sports Psychology Workshop, this Saturday, December 4, at the Japanese park auditorium attended by 85 participants from all over the country

Noel González, Sports Director of the capital city, explained that one of the objectives is to train the personnel involved in these tournaments, in the face of the different situations that arise in the matches.

“The coaches, captains and technicians of the basketball teams that participate in the Carlos Ulloa in Memoriam tournaments, Luisa Amanda Espinoza and the coaches of the basketball academies of the Mayor of Managua are participating in this workshop, the objective is to train them in topics of sports psychology, this will allow a better management of the situations that arise during these tournaments, to detect and analyze the weaknesses”, said González.

Edwin Calero, who is the commissioner of Carlos Ulloa in Memoriam, explained that this first initiative will be the basis for developing a new comprehensive basketball.

“We have to learn to interact and we have to learn to manage our emotions, the emotional intelligence of each and every one of the protagonists of a match, the referee is a human being, the player is a human being and the coach is a human being , the different actors must understand that if we bring the humanistic part to the game it will give better results”, said Calero.

Norlan Peña, who is President of the Nicaraguan Referees Association, expressed that this workshop will be very useful for the different actors in basketball games.

“We congratulate this initiative of the Sports Directorate, it is an excellent idea, with this workshop the conditions are created for future workshops, here both the coaches, the referees and the team representatives are going to have a unified vision, that we are all going to to handle, that prevents conflicts from arising on the fields, when a situation that seems to one and others does not, with this workshop we are going to see the situations from another perspective and that will improve the level of the leagues and tournaments”, concluded Peña .

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