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Mayor's Office rewards winners of the contest "the most innovative and creative Christmas tree in Managua"

The Municipality, in coordination with the MEFCCA, held the contest "the most innovative and creative Christmas tree in Managua", in which more than 15 entrepreneurs participated.

The objective of the contest was to awaken an awareness of recycling in the protagonists, since one of the characteristics of the Christmas trees was that they had to be made with recyclable materials, with this contest the reuse of non-biodegradable garbage was promoted in the participants.

The selection of the winners was made at the Honey Fair Expo, last Saturday, December 4, in Puerto Salvador Allende.

The third place was won by a hand-woven tree made by Doña Heydi Grenda, the winner of the second place was the protagonist Yesenia Arelys Sánchez who works as a dressmaker, she used all the material that was left over from the seams and the The first place winner was Mrs. Isabel Hernández, who made her tree out of plastic bottles.

The participants made trees in a period of 4 weeks, the time it took them to collect the recyclable material.

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