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Iván Montenegro Market offers a variety of products at good prices

A few days after starting the novena to the Immaculate Conception of Mary and the gates of the Christmas season, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, and the merchants of the Iván Montenegro market, announced to the families of the capital and devotees of the Virgin, the very low prices on seasonal products.

During this visit, Mayor Rueda confirmed a greater influx of Nicaraguan families to this market, which has generated, according to the merchants, a considerable increase in sales.

“Sales are going at a good pace, and in the next few days the sale of chicken, the sale of turkey, the sale of pork will increase and we are going to have a celebration of La Purisima in style. In the next few days we have the start of La Purisima on Avenida Bolívar, so we are preparing to have a splendid December,” the official stressed.

Merchant Carmen Narváez from Tienda Bien Calza, affirmed that sales have increased and she hopes that with the delivery of bonuses they will improve even more. He also highlighted that in his section products are offered at solidarity prices to customers, "there are prices from 120 to 180 cordobas in assorted candies and there are piñatas of 120, 150 and 300 cordobas, depending on the style," he stressed.

Perishables, dairy products, meat products, footwear, clothing and basic baskets are part of the extensive list of products at affordable costs where families from the capital can visit this shopping center.

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