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Elderly mother is benefited by the Dignified Housing Program

The Decent Housing Program benefited the protagonist Isayda del Carmen Ávila Guzmán in the Israel Galeno neighborhood of District VII, this family lived 24 years in vulnerable conditions. Doña Isayda is 64 years old and all her life she was a father and mother to her two children, she supported her family by working on her own.

The construction of this new home is part of the restitution of rights promoted by the Central Government, through the Municipality with the fraternal support of China (Taiwan) to families who are exposed to situations of vulnerability and danger.

Restoring the right to families who do not have a safe home is a priority for the Municipality and the Central Government. Jennifer Porras, Secretary of the Council, explained that the protagonist's case deserved an immediate response.

“According to the characteristics that her previous house had, it motivated us to start working together with the family, she has lived in this place for 24 years, she had a very critical social situation and did not have the resources to improve her house, for Therefore, we made an effort and within the Decent Housing Program, today we are delivering its new infrastructure”, said Porras.

For his part, the Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Taiwan, Iván Lo, said that "today, finally, his right to live with dignity can be restored through the government of reconciliation and national unity and through the authorities of Managua and we as embassy, who have the pleasure and honor of participating in this beautiful project that has changed the lives of hundreds of families and will continue to change them because we will continue to support this project in the capital and other municipalities”.

For Doña Isayda, her new home is a blessing that she has been asking God to grant for many years.

“This is a blessing that comes to my family, before we lived in an old zinc house, many times we were flooded, the land had no drainage system and that was sad, however, this end of the year will be the best of my life , because I have a new house that gives me security, I thank God and Commander Daniel and the brothers from Taiwan who work to help the families that need it most”, Ávila highlighted.

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