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Soccer Academies renew sports equipment for training sessions

With the aim of promoting and supporting sports for a better performance of athletes during training, the Mayor's Office of Managua renewed the sports equipment used by the soccer academies of the Conchita Palacios and 14 de Septiembre Complexes.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, delivered the material that benefits more than 400 players who practice this discipline.

“This is the second round of delivery that we carry out this year to the academies, we are delivering sports material, which consists of soccer balls, mini portable goals, uniforms and other implements that are necessary for the practice of this sport that is so popular among children and Nicaraguan youth,” said Rueda.

Likewise, he explained that the Capital Commune formed and promotes 22 sports academies in disciplines such as baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, chess, table tennis, swimming, judo, karate, taekwondo, cycling and other sports, in which thousands of people are involved. boys, girls and young people.

“The support guaranteed by our Good Sandinista Government, together with local governments for sports is one of its priorities, to provide positive alternatives to youth, this has had excellent results in the intellectual and physical growth of boys, girls and of young people and we can see that, it is incredible how the different academies that we have in each sport have grown,” added the capital official.

The young soccer player Michelle Silva stated that one of the main advantages of sport is that it prevents young people from getting involved in illegal activities such as vices.

"We think the support they are giving us is great and we are going to start a second U-15 tournament, we have good coaches who are always attentive to our improvement as soccer players," Silva said.

Coach Denis Rocha explained that the support provided by the government has been fundamental in the sporting growth of children, since many have arrived without knowing how to kick a ball and now they are part of the future promises of the foot ball.

"Before this support did not exist and now there are many academies for young people who now have better opportunities to get ahead, thanks to the practice of sports and free education in schools."

In the soccer academies of these Sports Complexes, a total of 180 players grouped in different categories and 310 children between 5 and 14 years old train.

The delivery of the new sports material has an investment of 76 thousand cordobas and consists of: 25 balls, 40 vests, 12 fences, 2 air pumps, 24 cones, 2 ladders, 30 plates and 1 diver.

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