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Streets for the People benefits more than 11 thousand inhabitants of the La Primavera neighborhood in District VI

The expansion of the Special Plan of the Calles para el Pueblo Program benefited more than 11,000 protagonists from the La Primavera neighborhood in District VI on the afternoon of Monday, November 29, with the construction of 6.3 new paved blocks. The project had an investment of 2.6 million córdobas and with this, the program achieves an advance of 96.5 percent with 1,198 blocks completed.

The opening ceremony was presided over by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who shared that the Municipality, from 2010 to date, has carried out 10 projects in this neighborhood, with an investment of 139 million 604 thousand córdobas.

“This is one of the neighborhoods in which the government of Commander Daniel has done an enormous job, more than 130 million córdobas have already been invested in progress works, here many houses were flooded, they had many circulation problems, swamps, Now here in the La Primavera neighborhood, more than 70 decent homes have been delivered and we will continue to do more work in this area, a neighborhood that has radically changed for the better,” said Armas.

For their part, the very happy families celebrated after 40 years all the development projects they have received from the Good Government, "very happy, I think that not only I am happy, but also the entire population of La Primavera, we thank Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo for the paving, for the sewage and thank God a thousand times, to them for having made me a decent home for my children and for me, very grateful,” said the protagonist Liliana López.

With the paving of their streets they will now have greater vehicular and pedestrian access, as Doña Ana Julia Talavera stated, "there is more flexibility to go to schools, to a hospital in an emergency, before it was a disaster, now not anymore, there were four works of progress in one, these are great works of progress that I believe that whoever does not recognize it, is because they are not Nicaraguan”.

The municipal authorities also announced that in this District VI, they covered section 2 of the Villa Dignidad channel in a II stage, the seventh stage of lining the La Primavera channel was completed, plus the construction of a complete network of sanitary network in this same neighborhood.

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