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Spectacular closure in the judo discipline of the 2021 Youth Games

Combat sports fans gathered this Saturday, November 27, at the España Sports Center, to participate in the Departmental Judo Championship, which takes place within the framework of the Managua 2021 Youth Games.

120 male and female athletes competed in 8 different categories of this martial art, with representation from more than eight schools from the Districts of Managua, including two schools from Ciudad Sandino. The first three places that come out of this competition will be awarded with trophies.

"This morning we are very happy, with many activities in the municipality of Managua, especially, days that have to do with the Managua 2021 Youth Games and today the championship is held at the departmental level," said the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

He added that young people who practice sports not only acquire the skills and abilities to be a good athlete, they also learn values in discipline, in unity and also in family values, which are transmitted by the coaches, who have a high preparation qualification. technical and scientific in this sport.

Similarly, the municipal official said that these sports days are where new talents have been discovered in different disciplines, "thanks to the unconditional support of our Government that has made the dreams of these young people come true to have access to the different disciplines and investing in infrastructure that allows the kids to develop and learn”.

Juana María Avellán, Vice President of the National Judo Federation, announced that the Managua 2021 Youth Games culminate with this tournament, "it is a rookie tournament, where we intend to bring out the new values that will enter our team."

For his part, Cliford Berríos, a judo athlete, was very happy to participate in this event, stressing that practicing this sport has taught him, in addition to techniques, values and attitudes, "as a disabled person, judo has allowed me to have better discipline, better behavior and above all motivate other young people to join any of these disciplines”.

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