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Dignified housing fills the protagonist of the Germán Pomares neighborhood with happiness

For years the Ugarte family of the Germán Pomares neighborhood in District VI of Managua, lived under the risk that their deteriorated house would collapse, this reality changed after the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales and the Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Mr. Iván Yueh-Jung Lee, will give Doña Concepción Ugarte a new safe and beautiful home.

The reconstruction of this home was carried out within the framework of the emblematic Decent Housing Program, which assists families in critical social emergency situations and, like the case of today's beneficiary, is a priority for the Good Government.

Doña Concepción is a housewife, lives with two granddaughters, 14 and 16 years old, currently depends on a daughter who works in the departments and the few economic resources, did not allow them to make improvements to the infrastructure of their humble home.

“I'm excited because I didn't feel like that, well, that they were going to build that little house for me. I asked God and said, when will they do it to me? because I watched on television, but I give a thousand thanks to God and the President who made me the little house, ”said the protagonist happily upon receiving the keys.

The new Taiwanese representative, Mr. Iván Yueh-Jung Lee, four days after assuming his diplomatic mission in Nicaragua, said he was pleased and very proud to be part of this project that unites the ties of brotherhood and cooperation between both peoples, "it fills me proud to have the opportunity to make another family's dream come true, to provide a decent home, adequate to enjoy, more and better opportunities, we hope that this act of solidarity and empathy with the Ugarte family will be the engine they need to achieve all their goals, they have foundations, their efforts and sacrifices will be rewarded”.

Armas, for his part, welcomed the new Ambassador and announced that Doña Concepción's house represents the ninth installment in this neighborhood, which has also received other projects that improve the environment and quality of life for 183 families who live in the German Pomares.

During this event of solidarity and love, a health brigade provided care to the residents, in addition to the free delivery of medicines.

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