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San Isidro de la Cruz Verde region will have more asphalt streets

Working for the good of the community, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua carries out the asphalt coating of 5 new blocks, through the Streets for the People 2021 Program, in the San Isidro de la Cruz Verde region, located in District I of the capital.

During the tour of supervision of the work and direct communication with the families, carried out on the morning of this Wednesday, November 24, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Municipality, announced that the project has an investment of 2 million 286 1,330 córdobas and benefits 6,225 inhabitants who will have greater road and pedestrian access.

“We are sharing with the families the importance of this type of work that improves the quality of life of the families of Managua, in this area where it usually rains much more, the streets erode quickly due to strong currents, the slopes are much more marked and families are quickly cut off, which is why Calles para el Pueblo in communities allows us to guarantee accessibility at all times, improve circulation conditions, and expand services that are so fundamental for Nicaraguan families,” said Moreno.

The official from the capital affirmed that with these 5 blocks, 1,190 total blocks of the emblematic program are completed, with a scope of 95 percent and only 19 projects remain to be completed this year, "we are going at a very good pace, we estimate to be in the first days of December already over meeting the goal for this year, 1,242 total blocks and in good time to be able to reach a historic number of blocks, to ensure better living conditions for Managuans in different parts of the city”.

The families of this region stated that the improvement of the road is a great work that allows them greater security and they thanked the Good Government for bringing them prosperity, "I think it is very good, because before one could not walk, because with my age, I was well damaged that road and then it is a good work, "said the protagonist Juana del Socorro Castillo.

For her part, Mrs. Rosa Argentina Castillo, 63, affirmed that until today she can see the progress in her community, "in the years that I have, improvement of these roads has never been seen, until now that they are carrying out these projects and it has been a great thing both for the people and for the community, previously they were dusty with the winds, muddy places, holes, but now it is better than before and we thank our government that has done a great thing for our well-being”.

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