Calles para el Pueblo benefits 1,255 families in the Georgino Andrade neighborhood

The inhabitants of the Georgino Andrade neighborhood in District VII celebrated with a cultural afternoon, the construction of 4.5 new blocks of asphalt streets, thanks to the expansion of the Streets for the People Program.

This project has an investment of 2.4 million córdobas, directly benefiting 11 thousand 560 protagonists, with these new streets the program achieves a progress of 94 percent, with 1 thousand 170 blocks completed, as confirmed by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

“Comandante Daniel continues to fill Managua streets, today we are delivering 4.5 blocks, this project places us at 94 percent progress in this emblematic program, which fills the people of Nicaragua with victories, tranquility and security, the work is important that the Good Government is doing that will continue to build streets in the remaining weeks of the year, only here in District VII more than 81 new blocks have been built this year”, informed Armas.

Don Leonardo Ibarra is one of the founders of the neighborhood and his family dreamed of these streets for almost 40 years, "in this neighborhood we have always been Sandinistas, because we recognize that Comandante Daniel is always supporting the poor and these streets are a sign of who cares about his people, this was a dream of almost 40 years, now when winter comes we will no longer suffer, there will be no swamps, nor will the current enter our houses”.

In the period 2009-2021, the Mayor's Office of Managua has invested 15.8 million córdobas in different common welfare projects for the Georgino Andrade families, in addition, 14 decent homes have been delivered to the same number of families who were in vulnerable circumstances.

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