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Inhabitants of the La Esperanza neighborhood benefited from Calles para el Pueblo

With a cultural afternoon, full of joy, celebrating once again the restitution of rights to have decent streets, families from the La Esperanza neighborhood in District III of Managua, inaugurated 6 new blocks that were paved, through the Calles para el Pueblo Program 2021.

This road improvement project had an investment of 2 million 616 thousand 114 córdobas and benefits 2 thousand 634 protagonists (491 families). With this work, the street program achieves 94 percent progress with 1,170 blocks completed.

The inauguration was presided over by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who affirmed that it is part of the Sandinista Government's commitment to continue improving the living conditions of families in the capital, "today in the La Esperanza neighborhood we are delivering 6 new blocks, really We appreciate that hope, that faith in our Good Government on the part of the families of the municipality of Managua and we are finishing daily, we are fulfilling in each of the districts, we are celebrating, delivering each work to the families in the neighborhoods”.

Each street received is a dream come true for the families, who expressed that they feel proud of the development that has come for their future generations, "the streets were pure mud, right now we are opening the streets, for our children, our grandchildren, we are well with the Commander, only he can make that investment, we are working well and not only in this, but also in the hospitals, thanking God and the government,” said resident Jairo José Domínguez Morales.

For her part, Mrs. Zeneyda Ortiz, stated that she was happy with the change that the Good Government has made in the La Esperanza neighborhood, "I feel happy, now that we have new streets, that the Commander always goes ahead, so that he continues to support the poor people, to the neighborhoods where there is need, if the streets are very good, they are beautiful, the children are no longer going to get muddy, I liked it and we continue to support the Comandante”.

In this neighborhood, the Municipality has been working since 2009 to date and has carried out storm drainage works, construction of the existing road network and maintenance of the dirt roads, in all these projects it has invested 8 million 629 thousand 054 córdobas and they have built 21 houses, through the Decent Housing Program.

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