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Comuna Capitalina builds a new bridge box in Esquipulas

To eliminate a serious critical point due to flooding that affects the Comarcas of Esquipulas and Los Vanegas, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua is working hard on the construction of a bridge box of more than 300 linear meters.

The project has been in its first stage for a month and when it is finished it will benefit some 15,000 inhabitants of the area, as reported by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado during a tour to supervise the progress of the work.

"Here we have a very serious problem, a critical point of permanent flooding in the winter season and to solve this, we are doing very important work, which is going to alleviate and eliminate this critical point in the area," said Rueda.

This work includes the construction of 2 bridge boxes and the installation of 396 linear meters of piping and gutters and has an investment of 16 million córdobas in the first stage.

The area where this bridge box is being worked is exactly at the crossroads between the Los Vanegas and Esquipulas region, an area of major importance for vehicular traffic and for people who wish to travel along the North Pan-American Highway or the Highway to Masaya. The rainwater that passes through this bridge box comes from another channel that crosses the Esquipulas region, Los Vanegas, until it reaches the El Borbollón channel.

The residents are very happy that the Municipality is building this project, because in winter time this area was impassable, given that the water coming from the channel practically pooled, causing serious problems for the population.

“The water that came from the natural channel in the northeast part of the city, with the construction of the bridge box, channeled the water to the East to a channel that we have built of hydraulic concrete and from there the water goes to the north. , so we came to relieve this area where we had a huge problem, "explained the official from the capital.

The second stage of the project is already planned in the Annual Investment Plan for next year and will have 23 million cordobas assigned for its execution.

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