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Calles para el Pueblo benefits 1,229 families in the Colinas neighborhood of the Sandino Memorial

The Streets for the People Program transformed the lives of the 6,146 inhabitants of the Colinas del Memorial Sandino neighborhood in District I, who for more than 30 years waited for the construction of their streets.

With this new project, a street in the neighborhood that was inaccessible for more than three decades will be used by caponeras, cars, bicycles, this is the same street that the protagonists use to take their children to school or attend church.

The inauguration of the streets was carried out with a cultural gala and a children's afternoon, upon delivering the 10.2 new paved road works to the community, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, confirmed that the Streets for the People Program closes the week with 94 percent complete with 1,165 blocks completed.

“Today we are inaugurating 10 new blocks that bring joy, comfort to all the residents of this sector, this neighborhood has been changing, here there were some torrents of water and terrible mud and we are going to continue changing the lives of families, with the support of Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario, making more and more works of progress”, said Armas.

Mrs. Flor de María Mondragón is one of the direct beneficiaries of the project and she waited more than 21 years to see her dream come true.

“We are partying, it is the best Christmas that we are going to spend with our new streets, you could only get out of here on foot, a car never entered this place in the neighborhood, at the time of an emergency one had to go out with his ill to tuto”, said Mondragón.

Don Bayardo Enríquez is the Pastor of the church and he, together with his brothers from the church, celebrate that going to worship will be easier, whether in summer or winter, "our church is celebrating, all the brothers who live in the down from the neighborhood starting this week they will go to worship more safely, they are no longer in danger of falling when it rains, now you just have to wait for the rain to pass and you can walk calmly down this slope without being in any danger, because even the Police can enter now, to guarantee citizen security.”

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