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Los Aceitunos of District VI will have 6 improved blocks

During a supervision visit carried out this Wednesday, November 17, in the Los Aceitunos neighborhood, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, General Secretary of the Mayor's Office of Managua, reported that the project consists of paving 6 blocks of new streets, as part of the Streets for the People Program 2021.

In this tour, the capital official spoke with the population of the sector about the development of this infrastructure work, which contributes to improving the living conditions of the entire community.

Likewise, he explained that the new streets that connect the Los Aceitunos community with the North highway directly benefit 1,721 inhabitants of the sector, with an investment of around 2 million córdobas.

Similarly, he announced that this emblematic program is in the final stretch, with 1,165 lanes completed, of the 1,242 projected, which represents almost 94% of progress.

The residents were happy with the execution of this work, because it will improve access for public transport, emergency services, patrolling and the garbage collection truck, as expressed by Mrs. Guadalupe Ruiz and Marina Espinoza, who They said that this project represents progress in this sector of Managua.

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