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New streets are delivered in the Nueva Nicaragua neighborhood of District V

Residents of the Nueva Nicaragua neighborhood of District V celebrated with cultural acts, piñatas and face-painting clowns, the paving of 4 blocks of streets, through the Calles para el Pueblo 2021 Program.

The road improvement project had an investment of 2 million 904 thousand córdobas and benefits 2 thousand 890 protagonists, distributed in 413 families.

The inauguration was presided over by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who shared that the work is the response to the needs of families, "we are in a very happy afternoon, here in District V, because we are delivering 4 new blocks of asphalt, long streets that the population was requesting in the councils, the neighborhood delegations that came to the Municipality and delegations that came to the district.

Armas, announced that these 4 blocks today are complemented by another 8 that had been built in the sector last year, which connects districts 5 and 7, improving vehicular and pedestrian access that leads to well-being and safety. to the capitals.

The families celebrated their new streets and thanked the Good Government for the progress that has come to them, "excellent, it has been a great achievement and I am now over 7 years old and we have never had streets, we are making excellent progress," said the protagonist Ana Julia Bermudez.

Doña Mercedes Larios, stated that after 12 years she was able to see her streets with dignity, "before they were muddy, muddy, rocky, with holes, we are happy to have the street and to travel better, both for us and for the other neighborhoods."

In this District V, the Streets for the People Program built 64 new blocks of road network, with an amount of almost 48 million córdobas, benefiting 8 neighborhoods, which have a population of 4 thousand 841 families.

Among the benefited sectors are Francisco Salazar, Pantasma, Grenada, Vista del Xolotlán, Sócrates Sandino, 18 de Mayo, Germán Pomares and Salomón Moreno.

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