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Road Improvement Project will allow the connection of the Santo Domingo and San Antonio Sur regions

The Streets for the People Program built a new road connection that unites the regions of Santo Domingo and San Antonio Sur in District V, the road improvement project benefited 5 thousand protagonists, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno Briones during the tour to assess the progress of the work.

“With this project where we unite two regions of the city of Managua, we have five new blocks that we are covering with asphalt, which make no less than a thousand families, close to five thousand people, direct protagonists, but indirectly in the San Antonio Sur and Santo Domingo to about fifteen thousand inhabitants, "explained Moreno.

With this new project, the Streets Program achieves 92 percent progress, with 1,142 blocks completed.

The work has a scope of 5 paved blocks, with an investment of 4 million 294 thousand 798 córdobas and it is expected that the remaining 100 blocks will be completed in the first days of December, to achieve 100 percent of the goal proposed for this project. anus.

"This connection benefits everyone because they will be able to use alternate routes to be able to move from one point to another in the city of Managua, it is a new axis of articulation with the highway to Masaya that will improve traffic conditions in general."

One of the objectives of the municipal authorities during the visits is to hear from the residents the main demands and priorities for the planning of the next projects to be carried out in the area.

“We were sharing with the families on this occasion in San Antonio Sur about what we have been doing. As directed by the Comandante Presidente and Compañera Rosario, thanking all the families, all our people for the trust, the desire for peace, for tranquility that they have expressed this November 7 at the polls and at the same time we share about other needs that there are in these visits that we have been carrying out”, said the Secretary General.

Dina Contreras, a resident of the sector, commented that she is satisfied with this work that will not only allow better circulation, but will also allow them to have more contact with relatives from neighboring counties.

"I am happy because today we are beneficiaries in our region, because there are many people who have relatives in the Santo Domingo region and now we will be one step away, we will be connected and we will say goodbye to dust and puddles."

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