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Municipality grants High Distinction to His Excellency Ambassador of China (Taiwan)

In recognition of his laudable work and solidarity in support of programs and projects for the benefit of families in the capital, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua awarded the Keys to the City and declared Distinguished Guests to the Ambassador of Taiwan in Nicaragua, Mr. Jaime Chin- Mu Wu and his wife Cindy Wu, who in a few days, conclude their diplomatic mission in our country.

This tribute was held in the Miguel Larreynaga auditorium of the Capital Commune, with the presence of the Mayor of Managua Reyna Rueda Alvarado, the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, the Secretary of the Council Jennifer Porras López, members of the Municipal Council, delegates and members of the diplomatic corps. of Taiwan in Nicaragua.

The Keys to the City and the distinction of Distinguished Guests, was delivered by Mayor Rueda, who thanked Mr. Jaime Chin-Mu Wu and his wife, for their valuable contribution and contribution to the social, economic and cultural development of our capital city .

“Today we are handing over the keys to our city, but really that key also opens the hearts of each one of the Nicaraguans, so the Ambassador, Cindy, takes that incalculable love, each one of them remains with indelible ink in our hearts. efforts, every day we looked at each other in each of the neighborhoods, he knows them all and the municipalities, we have no way of thanking each of the efforts made by the sister government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), ”said Rueda.

Rueda highlighted the numerous projects and programs that Good Government developed in the country with the solidarity support of Taiwan, especially the Dignified Housing Program that in Managua contributed to improving the quality of life of the neediest families. Without leaving behind, the projects executed with the Ministry of Health, in the construction of maternity homes, support for education and production programs executed with INTA, MEFCCA, INPESCA, among other institutions of Good Government.

The distinguished ones expressed their gratitude for the merits received and left present that this gesture will carry it forever in their minds and hearts.

“Next week not only ends my mission in Nicaragua, but also the diplomatic career of almost 42 years of foreign service, here we close with a flourish. We are very grateful for this distinction granted by the keys to the city of Managua and the honorable title of Distinguished Guest. Managua leaves us many memories, because we spent here difficult moments and happy moments, and with my wife we feel identified with all the causes of the Nicaraguan people with their dynamism, spirit of work and perseverance, which we have learned in the different projects, "said the Ambassador Chin-Mu Wu.

Therefore, the municipal authorities emphasized that the City of Managua feels honored to grant these distinctions, which strengthen the relations of brotherhood, friendship and collaboration between both nations.

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