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Dignified Housing Program benefits the family of Villa Venezuela

Committed to improving the living conditions of capital families living in vulnerable situations, the Good Government led by Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo, through the Decent Housing program, delivered the new home of the protagonist Rosa Isabel Ortiz Picado , who is the mother of 5 children, they live in the Villa Venezuela neighborhood of District VII.

The old house where the Ortiz family lived was in poor condition for more than 15 years and the fear that it would collapse each winter grew year after year, now it will no longer be the case thanks to the decent housing program, developed by the Good Government of the Commander Daniel with the fraternal support of the sister Republic of China Taiwan).

Mayor Reyna Rueda once again reaffirmed to the residents of the neighborhood that continuing to transform the lives of families living in vulnerability is a permanent orientation of President Daniel Ortega.

“We continue with the indisputable commitment of our Good Government, especially with the families that have lived for several years in vulnerable conditions, it is the permanent orientation of our Government, in this area of Villa Venezuela we have delivered 17 homes, that demonstrates that commitment that our Good Government has to help families through this twinning”.

The Ambassador of Taiwan, Jaime Chi Mu Wu, accompanied by his wife Cindy Wu, expressed feeling very happy to accompany this Decent Housing Project, more than now this project has been extended to 49 Municipalities of the Country.

“We have accompanied several government projects but the decent housing program is a project that touches our hearts, giving a house to a family that lives in precarious and vulnerable houses changes their lives, this project represents the love and affection of the people from China Taiwan for the people and government of Nicaragua but above all for the poor families, this project will continue with the new ambassador who will also accompany the Mayor of Managua to continue building houses for families living in precariousness”.

The Protagonist Compañera Rosa Ortiz Picado thanked Commander Daniel Ortega, Compañera Vice President Rosario Murillo, and the Government of Taiwan, since her previous house was in very poor condition.

"Now in this new house, I will live calmly and more safely with my family. We spent 15 years in the other house and the anguish was greater every time, but I never lost hope that our President would help me and my family."

This November 10, the housing program handed over the house number 441 houses and was carried out on the eve of the departure of the Ambassador of China Taiwan Jaime Chi Mu Wu who was fondly bid farewell who grew up day by day for three years during the visits to the neighborhoods in the farewell words, the ambassador said "I will always be the best and faithful friend of Nicaragua and Managua".

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