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Capital Council approves the General Budget of Income and Expenditures for the Year 2022

In the 24th Extraordinary Session of the Managua Council, the General Income and Expenditure Budget corresponding to the year 2022 was discussed and approved, which has an estimated amount of 7 thousand 107 million 874 thousand 503 Córdobas.

During the session, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, stated that this municipal budget was built in consensus with the community, as part of the Citizen Power and Direct Democracy model, which promotes Good Government, through community assemblies and district councils. .

He also explained that this budget reflects the political will of the Sandinista Government, to guarantee better living conditions for families in the capital, through the transformation, modernization and beautification of the Capital.

He explained that the municipal budget for the year 2022 grew by a little more than 6%, according to the budget established for this year 2021; that is, there was an increase of approximately 400 million córdobas.

With this budget amount, the execution of projects and programs that guarantee the future and progress of Nicaraguan families is contemplated, through works of road improvement, storm drainage, decoration, water and sanitation, human development, among others.

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