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Families from the 19 de Febrero neighborhood have new paved streets

On the eve of celebrating the holidays, families from the 19 de Febrero neighborhood are already opening 5.29 new blocks lined with asphalt, this road improvement project was carried out by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, through the Calles para el Pueblo 2021 Program.

The work that directly benefits 1,233 protagonists, has an investment of 2 million 176 thousand 305 córdobas and was inaugurated this Monday, November 8, by the Vice Mayor of the capital, Enrique Armas Rosales, in the company of the protagonist families, "we start the week by inaugurating more and more Streets for the People, we are in District VI inaugurating 5 and a half new blocks, which bring joy, comfort in this final stretch of the year, to the brothers who are already preparing to celebrate the Purisima, the Christmas festivities, the high school parties, promotions, the end of the school year”.

Likewise, Armas announced that, from 2009 to date, the Decent Housing Program that promotes the Good Government of Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario Murillo, has built 3 houses for the same number of families.

For their part, the residents expressed that they celebrate the progress and thanked the Sandinista Government, because after 20 years they will already be able to enjoy their new roads, said the protagonist Argentina Rugama, "happy, because these streets were impassable, we could not walk well, now we are celebrating 2 wins and Streets for the People”.

“Magnificent for the work that 20 years ago we hoped to have, decent streets, we had the hope and the confidence that one day Commander Daniel Ortega was going to make this achievement, this gift that he was going to send us, and the whole neighborhood is paved, thanks to God, the Commander and Compañera Murillo”, declared the resident Javier Arróliga Araúz.

The municipal authorities also shared that the Calles para el Pueblo Program begins the week with an advance of 87 percent, which represents 1,080 blocks completed and over the course of days this percentage will increase, because the execution of several projects simultaneously.

Within the neighborhoods served in District VI, there are Villa José Benito Escobar, Hugo Chávez, B 15, José Dolores Estrada, La Primavera, Villa Dignidad, Villa Panamá Sur Este, El Galope, Carlos Núñez, Walter Ferreti, El Rodeíto and Quinta Pacheco.

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