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Residents of Villa Reconciliación Norte will have 6 new streets

In the next few days, another project of Streets for the People will be inaugurated for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Villa Reconciliación Norte neighborhood, located in District VI of the Capital, as reported by the Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, during a supervision visit carried out this Saturday, November 6.

The work consists of the paving of 6 blocks that were previously in their natural state and has an investment of 5 million 085 thousand 540 córdobas, bringing prosperity and development to more than 6 thousand protagonists who for many years waited for its worthy streets.

During the tour, the capital official spoke with the families of the sector to publicize the works being carried out and listen to their demands and needs, as part of the model of dialogue, consensus and shared responsibility.

"We are sharing with families how the issues of citizen security, cleanliness, drinking water, sanitation, and drainage are, which are always the most common concerns, and how we can comprehensively improve care on these issues," Moreno said.

Likewise, the Secretary General announced that the Calles para el Pueblo Program has a total progress of 1,080 blocks, for a progress of 87%, "every day we are finishing projects, it has been significant in recent weeks and we have 13 projects at Today still in development, working simultaneously, which will continue to guarantee us that all these days we will be able to continue presenting works, inaugurating works, more than one project a day we are finishing this program, which reflects how successful it has been Streets for the People in this 2021”.

For the residents, this work improves their living conditions and they thanked the Good Government for bringing progress to their community, as stated by the protagonist María Teresa Espinoza Orozco, "because it was a neighborhood need, it was pure land, we spent more than 30 years, now we are happy, thanks to God, Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario Murillo”.

“Thanks to our Good Government, dreams came true, because when it rained this street turned into a riverbed, there were tremendous currents and after the water, there was still a lot of puddles, now we will have better access for cars, motorcycle taxis and going to be easier”, expressed Mr. Danilo Cruz.

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