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Streets for the People asphalt 10 new blocks in the 18 de Mayo neighborhood

This weekend the residents of the 18 de Mayo neighborhood in District V, celebrated together in community, with a cultural gala, the construction of 10 new blocks covered with asphalt. The new road work was carried out by the Calles para el Pueblo Program and has an investment of 7,260,000 córdobas.

The streets were a dream for more than 30 years for the 1,010 families that live in this neighborhood. During the inauguration, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua, thanked the families for their patience and trust in this Municipal Administration that works hand in hand with the Central Government.

“This morning of November 6 we are with the families of the 18 de Mayo neighborhood, celebrating one more restitution of rights, a project that turned a lifelong dream into a reality, here the residents had many difficulties in the winter, that is why since In 2009 we have been giving priority to storm drainage and road improvement in the neighborhood, in all these years we have invested a little more than 21 million córdobas, in 10 projects that we have carried out here in the neighborhood”.

Miguel Jerónimo Cubillo lives in the neighborhood and is one of the protagonists of the project. For him, this project is going to change the life of the community forever, because the current from the street, when it rains, will not get into their houses.

“Today we are more than happy, we threw the house out the window, more than 7,000 people live here and thanks to God and our Good Government, the neighborhood has many paved streets, we have been waiting for these streets for more than 30 years, only Commander Daniel could make a reality, all the houses that got into the water, we are never going to experience that again”.

Roxana López Poveda is a primary school teacher and every day in the last 10 winters, she witnessed the difficulties of families, to take their children to classes when winter came.

“These streets were horrible, they looked like a riverbed street, if it rained one could not leave their houses, it was dangerous due to the slope, once it rained the parents had to take their chineados children to classes so that they would not fall and fill up of mud, thanks to our President and Compañera Rosario Murillo we have good streets for taxis, caponeras and patrols to enter when necessary”.

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