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Road improvement and storm drainage work eliminates a critical point in Colinas del Memorial Sandino

The residents of the Colinas del Memorial Sandino neighborhood, together with the building authorities, inaugurated the new road improvement project and storm drainage works that will mitigate the damage caused by the rains in previous years, the work was carried out through the Annual Investment Plan of the District I and has an investment of 8 million 406 thousand córdobas, benefiting a little more than 6 thousand protagonists.

During the cultural afternoon where the project was inaugurated, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, recalled that, in that sector, the streets were in poor condition, making it difficult for vehicles and pedestrians to enter in winter.

“In each of our annual investment plans we allocate resources that are important in the transformation of the neighborhoods and the Hills of the Sandino Memorial, since 2011 we have been working on what are road works and drainage, sewage and in In this sector there was a very dangerous discharge in the area of the riverbed and at that point all the houses were flooded, today we inaugurate a comprehensive project that built more than 3 blocks of hydraulic concrete, a vehicular bridge that joins two areas of the neighborhood, which for more than 30 years passed divided by the channel, and works were carried out that stabilized the slopes of the channel”.

This project was requested by the residents of the neighborhood, through the councils carried out by the Commune in previous years, receiving today a concrete response that eliminates a point of risk.

Senobia Aguirre, has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years, together with the community, they celebrate the new life they will have with the construction of these streets.

“This is a great project for us, we are happy to have received a response to our request, today we have a new access road to the neighborhood, and taxis will be able to enter and leave us at the door of our house, the children will be able to go without difficulty to school and thanks to this project our life was transformed, here a taxi was a dream, sitting outside your house in the afternoon was something impossible”, said the beneficiary.

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