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Wholesale Market with new solid waste collection

To guarantee hygiene and sanitation to more than 1,800 merchants of the Wholesale Market and its visitors, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua inaugurated a collection center for the proper management of solid waste in this shopping center.

"We thank God that this morning we have served our people, the families of Managua, by delivering this beautiful collection work in the Wholesale market with an area of 276 square meters and a capacity of 476 cubic meters," explained the Secretary of the Capital Council, Jennifer Porras López, during the official award ceremony of this project that features 15,000 people who converge daily in this shopping center, including merchants, visitors and COMMEMA workers.

The new collection center is located on the northwest side of the COMMEMA offices, had an investment cost of 2,888,000 córdobas and is aimed at treating 60 cubic meters of solid waste, which is evacuated daily by 22 COMMEMA operators. who received from the authorities, 12 new carts for the collection of this waste.

The Secretary of the Council stressed that, with this collection, optimal and decent working conditions will also be provided to 28 families, who for years have dedicated themselves to recycling this waste.

Don Julio Ramírez has been working in recycling for 6 years and he thanked God because as of today he will have a safe and quality place to work.

Mrs. Ana Esperanza Martínez who is also a recycler and said she felt very happy, because with this work the authorities bless and dignify many families who have worked for years like her, in recycling.

For his part, the General Manager of COMMEMA, Freddy Casco, stated that this collection is the result of reversing the payment of the merchants' leases.

He shared that, in addition to this infrastructure for garbage treatment, other works for the common good are carried out in this same Mayoreo, such as the construction of 11 blocks that are part of the Calles para el Pueblo Program, which will benefit the Hugo Chávez sector and the Rivense sector.

He said that this year ends with 10 projects in the 8 markets of Managua and for the year 2022, the execution of 20 infrastructure projects is planned, to guarantee basic conditions in all the shopping centers of Managua.

At the end of the inauguration and delivery of the work, the authorities called on families to visit the markets to make their purchases, which are already ready for the festivities of La Purisima and the Christmas season.

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