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Israel Lewites Market Traders Ready for the Holidays

The merchants of the Israel Lewites market are ready and supplied to receive the thousands of visitors who come to this shopping center, to acquire the products of the basic basket, traditional products of the Purisima, they are also offering uniforms, clothing and footwear, to school promotions that are about to take place.

During a tour of this shopping center, the General Director of the Managua Municipal Market Corporation (COMMEMA), Freddy Casco, explained that the merchants, in addition to being supplied, are organized to ensure sales with all the security measures demanded by the pandemic.

 "In this special season that is approaching us, such as Christmas, merchants are already supplied to sell at low prices, so that families can purchase traditional end-of-year products and items, such as Christmas items, that they give in the shouting and the clothes that are bought for the end of the year, ”said Casco.

 He also recalled that the Municipality is executing two projects to improve conditions, both for merchants and for visitors, "we are improving conditions for fixed buyers of the market with the construction of the new shellfish warehouse, which is 80 meters long by 11 meters wide, once we finish this warehouse we are going to build another one next year and a terrace with 99 sections is also being built for those affected by the Juan Pablo II runway”.

 Israeli merchants will have a 15 percent discount on clothing, footwear and Christmas items throughout the month of November, as reported by Jerald Antonio Blandón.

“We are offering a 15 percent discount on national footwear, clothing, since school promotions are coming, for example, a pair of shoes can be purchased from 400 córdobas for the national shoe, while colored lights for Christmas trees We offer them at 150, 250 and 350 cordobas, that will depend on the number of lights that the extension has”, said the merchant Blandón.

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