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Blue Lions Taekwondo Academy receives sports equipment

The Leones Azules de Taekwondo Academy was benefited with sports equipment by the Nicaraguan Taekwondo Federation. The sports equipment, valued at 2 thousand dollars, will be used for the training of 130 children, young people and adolescents who make up the academy and practice at the Alexis Argüello and Roberto Huembes Sports Centers.

Currently this academy is the largest in the country and was rated as the best in Nicaragua, by the Nicaraguan Taekwondo Federation, "we thank the National Taekwondo Federation for this donation to our academy, which thanks to God and the work of the coaches and the athletes, last year it was rated as the best in the country and that commits us to be better every day, these kids have quality instructors, quality infrastructure and now they will have quality equipment to train thanks to the support of the federation” This was reported by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

"From the Mayor's Office with the help of the federation, we work to promote sports and form a team at the service of all the boys and girls, who practice in the different sports disciplines, there are fundamental elements that must exist for the athlete to develop in Nicaragua , that is possible thanks to the support of the Central Government and the families of the athletes”, shared Rueda.

Salvador Zavala, President of the Nicaraguan Federation of Taekwondo, explained that this contribution with sports equipment was made at the national level.

With this donation we come to strengthen and enrich the technical part and the development of high performance of the academies, we acquired this donation through the Korean embassy, approximately 10 thousand dollars in sports equipment and we have distributed it among the 14 associated instances to the federation,” added Zavala.

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