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New home dignifies the life of the protagonist of the neighborhood Ariel Darce

For more well-being and security for families in the capital, the Decent Housing Program benefited the protagonist Miriam del Socorro Martínez Vílchez, who lives in the Ariel Darce neighborhood, located in District V of Managua.

Doña Miriam, an older adult who lived in critical conditions for more than 35 years, today thanked the Good Government authorities and the brotherly people of China (Taiwan), for the construction of her new home.

"Happy, thanks to my President Daniel Ortega, my Vice President Rosario Murillo, my Mayor Reyna Rueda and him, I thank them with all my heart, because they have all been my angels who have saved me," said the beneficiary.

The delivery of the keys to the house was carried out by the Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López, and the Minister Counselor of Taiwan in Nicaragua, Mr. Iván Lo.

Diplomat Lo affirmed that his government feels satisfied and honored with each delivery, because it is a joy for people in need and encourages them to continue working on different social projects for the development of Nicaragua, "today we are in this neighborhood to deliver another decent housing for Mrs. Miriam del Socorro, an elderly lady, we are really happy with the happiness of the protagonist, because this project has brought so many benefits, really very pleased to have the opportunity to work and help the most vulnerable people ”.

The Secretary of the Council, stated that the Municipality complies once again with the restitution of families' rights and in this Ariel Darce neighborhood from 2012 to date in 11 years 33 decent homes have been built, including today's .

“Also, with the effort of the investment plans that we carry out, this neighborhood has been restored with more than 12 million córdobas in road improvement works, storm drainage and the investment of more than 20 million córdobas that we have executed this year and that we have practically completed these 20 road infrastructure projects, elimination of critical points, storm drainage, water and sanitation in District V”, added Porras.

Meanwhile, the Calles para el Pueblo Program with the modification invested around 48 million additional córdobas, benefiting 8 neighborhoods with the lining of 64 blocks, contributing to the quality of life of 4 thousand 841 families.

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