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Seven new blocks in stage II of the Hialeah neighborhood

The inhabitants of the second stage of the Hialeah neighborhood celebrated the construction of their totally new streets, a dream they had for 30 years came true, thanks to the Streets for the People Program that paved 7 blocks, developing new access roads for its inhabitants.

The new road work has an investment of 4 million 644 thousand 600 córdobas, and directly benefits 5 thousand 532 protagonists.

During the opening ceremony, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, thanked the residents for their patience and trust in the work that is being carried out throughout the neighborhood, which is one of the largest in District I.

“Today we are happy to be able to deliver these 7 new blocks in the second stage of the Hialeah neighborhood, it is one of the largest neighborhoods in District I and to serve it and respond to the needs of each of its stages we geographically divide it into 4 stages, Since 2011 we have focused on eliminating the vulnerability of the neighborhood, that is why we prioritize the work in the fourth stage, because that is where we had serious critical points, irrigation areas and temporary flooding points. In the fourth stage alone, 8 road improvement and storm drainage projects have been developed with a total scope of 26 lined blocks and an investment that exceeds 25 million córdobas ”, reported Rueda.

With the new streets of Hialeah, the streets for the town program achieves an 82.5 percent advance with 1024 blocks completed.

Don Napoleón Jarquín González has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years and tells how before having the new streets, every time it rained the current would get into the houses

“We are happy, the streets used to be horrible and they were a danger every time it rained, the water got into all the houses that are on this line, we were cut off until the Mayor's Office came to shave the streets, that taxis would enter here It was an odyssey and they charged you an arm and a leg, because they did not want to enter, but thanks to God and our Government that was left behind forever, ”said the protagonist Jarquín.

With the expansion of the Streets for the People Program, 61.6 more blocks were built in District I, benefiting 9 more neighborhoods including: July 19, Jorge Dimitrov, Santos López, El Riguero, Jonathan González, Casimiro Sotelo, Hialeah I and II stage, Colinas del Memorial and the San Isidro de la Cruz Verde region


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