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San Isidro de la Cruz Verde region will achieve 26 coated blocks

The inhabitants of the region of San Isidro de la Cruz Verde, as of this month of November, will be able to circulate in better conditions, thanks to the Streets for the People Program that paved 6 new blocks, at the main entrance of the community.

With this new project, the region reaches a total of 26 covered blocks, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno Briones, during a tour of the area.

“This year in the region we have carried out two stages of the Calles para el Pueblo Program, with the two stages we completed 26 covered blocks. Logically we are starting from the region towards Managua, this is a riverbed street that is easily eroded and destroyed by the rains and little by little we have been taking care of this road until we reach the city,” Moreno said.

Likewise, the capital official announced that the investment for this second stage is 6 million córdobas, "with this we are completing 1,032 total streets, 83 percent progress of the Calles para el Pueblo Program this year, which is so important and that allows us to dignify the quality of life of the people of Managua”.

The work benefits more than 25,000 people, because it is on the main road of San Isidro, this project will continue until the 3 kilometers of the access road are covered. In addition to supervision, the municipal authorities shared with the inhabitants who were present and heard what their priorities are in terms of future projects.

Heyling Ramírez, an inhabitant of the area, shared that this road work improves the quality of life of the community, because the danger when it rains is lessened and the producers will be able to harvest their crops.

“This was an impassable road, but with this project of great importance, the quality of life of the people has been improved, for those who work on the buses or in the caponeras, this has improved their work, before they ran the danger of turning around, not now, this is the main means of transport in the area and it is also easier for farmers to get their products out”.

 Don Juan Pablo Navarro, who has lived in the region for 40 years, said that they will now be able to travel safely, "it is excellent, those who know San Isidro know that this road was a natural channel and now it is the access road to many areas. and we, with the strong winters, could not make our trips because there was a risk of being dragged or trapped in the mud”.

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