Las Torres neighborhood has 12 paved streets

The families of the Las Torres neighborhood, located in District IV, celebrate the paving of 12 blocks, which the Municipality delivered to them on the afternoon of October 28, to guarantee better living conditions for this community.

The road improvement was inaugurated and delivered to the families of the sector by Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, who said that this work consists of the paving of 2 blocks with hydraulic concrete and 10 with asphalt, directly benefiting 5 thousand 850 protagonists, with an investment of 5.8 million córdobas.

Likewise, a storm drainage network of 123 linear meters of 24-inch concrete pipe was built, the construction of 4 drains; 474 linear meters of ditches and 497 linear meters of curb were also built; as well as the installation of 8 road signs.

In the last 10 years, the Good Government has invested more than 27 million córdobas in the construction of different projects for road improvement, storm drainage, sanitary sewerage and the construction of 65 decent homes in this community of District IV.

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