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Dignified Housing Program provides immediate response to the family of Villa Reconciliation Sur

The Dignified Housing Program built an emergency new home for the protagonist Lilliam Manzanares Ruiz and her family, in the Villa Reconciliation Sur neighborhood, for whom on Sunday October 17, due to the rains and strong winds, their house collapsed.

The immediate response was immediate, an hour after the tragedy occurred, the authorities of the Mayor's Office of Managua and the Social Promotion Office were present to assess the damage and provide the family with everything necessary to protect themselves.

Doña Lilliam is the mother of 5 children and works on her own, selling food at a bus stop, close to the neighborhood where she lives and with this new home, her life will begin again far from danger.

“My house fell at 7:40 at night, it was raining, thank God we had the child where a neighbor was, because my daughter and I were drawing water, not an hour passed when the people from the Mayor's Office came to help us, that was on Sunday night, on Tuesday they were already downloading the materials to build the house, that is something that is never paid for, that is why my support is with Commander Daniel, because he is the only one who has done these things for the poor, "said the protagonist excitedly.

The Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy (Taiwan), Mr. Iván Lo, reiterated his desire to continue supporting this project that has transformed the lives of hundreds of families.

“Supporting this project that has changed the lives of hundreds of families in the neighborhoods, is something that fills us with joy, we are witnesses of how their lives have changed and we will continue to support here in the Capital and now also in 50 municipalities ”.

The Delegate of District VI, comrade Javier Prado, explained that the Municipality had already been following up on the case of the Manzanares family, because the house was very deteriorated.

"The structure of the house was well damaged and the orientation of our government is to provide support to families living in vulnerability, in this neighborhood with the Dignified Housing Program that promotes the Good Government of Commander Daniel, from 2012 to date Today, in 9 years we have built 18 homes ”, shared Prado.

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