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Citizen Consultation Process Ends

With the Cabildo of District VII, the Citizen Consultation Process organized by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power ended, with the aim of sharing the Draft of the Investment Plan for next year that will have an investment of 7,010 million 011,422 córdobas.

The Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López explained that in the case of District VII, 481 million 712 thousand 719 córdobas will be invested, once it is consulted and enriched with the contributions of the population and approved by the Capital Council.

“In District VII, we will execute 18 district projects with an investment of 30 million 800 thousand córdobas, parallel to the district projects, we will have Streets for the People, environmental projects and human development programs, today we finalize the consultations with the residents and those who They could not attend, we invite them to participate in the next General Consultative Council or to take their proposals to the Secretariat Offices of the Council ”, explained Porras.

The neighborhoods that will be benefited in District VII, once the budget is approved are: Annex Villa Libertad, Lomas de Guadalupe, Pedro Arauz Palacios, Villa Austria, Vistas del Xolotlán, Manuel Fernández, Los López, Américas I, Villa Revolución, Israel Galeano, Laureles Sur, Pedro Betancourt and Georgino Andrade.

Tatiana Guerrero Cerna, is a resident of the Annex neighborhood of Villa Libertad and she attended the council to present the requirements of her neighborhood.

"We come to this council to see how we will benefit, to know and learn about the scope of the projects that will be carried out next year, that is why it is important to make use of our rights in this consultation space carried out by the Mayor's Office."

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