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Family from the Rubén Darío neighborhood enjoys a dignified and safe home

For more than 19 years the protagonist Yamileth Asunción Bravo Castro and her three children lived in a situation of social and critical emergency, on the afternoon of October 26, the Good Government through the Municipality and the act of generosity of the brother people of China ( Taiwan) that supports this emblematic Dignified Housing Program since October 2018, changed the reality of this family, giving them the keys to their new home, where they will live safely and with dignity.

The new beneficiary who is a single mother, 37 years old, works in a free zone to support her family, she says that her old house was in very vulnerable conditions and with the rains of this winter it collapsed.

“First of all grateful to God, to our Government, for the decent home that today they mainly give to my children. Thank you for this privilege. They don't know how happy I am because my daughters are going to be safe ”, shared the very excited beneficiary.

The inauguration and delivery of this property was chaired by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López and the Minister Counselor of the Embassy of China (Taiwan), Mr. Iván Lo, who stressed that these commendable social projects carry a total change of life to humble families.

"With this project we are very proud to have the opportunity to accompany families and because it has brought joy and many benefits to the most vulnerable," said diplomat Lo.

The municipal official stressed that with this delivery of housing, a mandate from Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario to make the dreams of families to have a home come true, "and this family will feel protected in any situation that may arise. arise, and a rain is not going to mean a danger or concern for this family.

Porras reported that since the birth of this love and solidarity program, in this neighborhood 29 homes have been delivered to the same number of families, including today's protagonist. In the same way, he highlighted that the families of the Rubén Darío neighborhood have also been protagonists of the road infrastructure projects, sanitary drainage, construction of gutters, curbs and grills that the Municipality has executed in the area and that currently allows them to live in better conditions. terms.

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